For the education leader tasked with risk management, insurance and employee benefits, these aspects play a critical role in the overall health, foundation and resiliency of an institution. The best organizations take a sophisticated approach to protecting against litigious action: reducing student safety risks and exposure, providing for the sustainability and viability of their infrastructure, equipment and R&D investments, complying with regulation and managing financial exposure.

Often, risk mitigation and management concerns encompass the entire institution. Risk threats facing an institution and the student body are often unpredictable and present significant safety, liability and financial exposures to the school community. Both independent school and university leadership find their risks multiplying, and the proactive management of them, through risk transference, financial protection and strategic policy, is vital to every institution’s success.

Simultaneously, the productivity, wellness and satisfaction of the faculty and operational staff is also critical. The education workforce is split into populations with diverse needs. Educators are often distinct in requiring special attention in the design of their benefits, insurance and retirement plans, while school and university staff necessitate programs aimed at productivity and contentment.  In both cases, specialized benefit plans are essential in order to attract and retain the most qualified employees.

RCM&D is proud to be affiliated with these leading education organizations:




Through years of working with prominent educational institutions, RCM&D recognizes the nuances and details of creating viable insurance, risk management and employee benefits strategies.  Our Education Practice is dedicated to providing these organizations with comprehensive solutions designed and managed to meet their specific priorities and needs.

Client Solutions

While Randolph College is a liberal arts school located in the small town of Lynchburg, Virginia, it has a big time mission to educate ethical global citizens.

Goucher College is an independent, liberal arts institution dedicated to providing a broad international perspective on education.

Franklin & Marshall College began working with RCM&D – as part of the Pennsylvania Colleges and Universities Shared Consortium – in 2005.

Since 1832, Gettysburg College has earned a strong academic reputation as an institution that offers a rigorous commitment to the liberal arts.


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