Complexity. Change. Uncertainty. Risk.  Leaders in today’s healthcare industry encounter these issues daily.  Already challenged with the need to provide superior patient care in a perpetually changing environment, this industry is facing unprecedented transformations as healthcare reform progresses, new regulations are enacted, cost-cutting mandates continue to apply pressure and future revenues remain uncertain. 

For the healthcare leader, proper risk management techniques and insurance program design play a critical role in the overall health, foundation and resiliency of an organization.  As each organization is unique unto itself – rife with specific priorities and challenges – the approach to insurance, risk management and employee benefits must be custom, thoughtful and well designed. 

Subsequently, medical professional liability insurance is one of today’s most imperative, yet complex markets.   As each organization and provider is unique, RCM&D’s approach to medical professional liability is tailored to meet the individual needs of physicians, surgeons, related healthcare providers and the facilities they work with to provide superior patient care.

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For our clients’ claim management needs, RCM&D Self-Insured Services Company, Inc. (SISCO), a subsidiary corporation, provides specialized claim administration and risk control services to the Healthcare industry. 



Through years of working with many of the best and brightest healthcare organizations, RCM&D’s Healthcare Practice, comprised of experienced, dedicated advisors, recognizes the nuances and details of creating viable solutions based on a factual and careful understanding of each organization’s particular requirements. 

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With over 21,000 employees, the Johns Hopkins Health System is one of the largest employers in the state of Maryland.

LifeBridge Health is a regional health care organization based in northwest Baltimore City and Baltimore County, consisting of three hospitals...


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