Healthcare Consumerism: Choose Your Care

What role will you, the patient, play as purchasers and managers of your health and wellness? Adaptation to new and changing patient behaviors is paving how we manage our health, and a more informed consumer of healthcare services has been linked to improved patient safety. Patient “experiences” can be looked at the same way we experience hospitality, beauty, airline, or even e-commerce.   Is there such a thing as patient “loyalty” similar to customer loyalty? We say YES…

Defining Patient Loyalty and Healthcare Consumerism

While customer loyalty is common in retail settings, patient loyalty is a relatively new phenomenon. Much like consumer loyalty, patient loyalty is defined by a commitment to a provider who continually provides high-quality services, thus leading to more visits.

In healthcare, regular customers are not typically a “good” thing. Providers want their patients to recover and no longer require regular visits. However, should the patient fall ill again, providers lean on communication, high-quality care and convenient access to care to build long-term patient relationships.

Impact on Providers

Healthcare consumerism has been a driving force in the improvement of healthcare delivery. Providers have implemented technologies that make it easier to shop for healthcare, looked for ways to have more transparency in pricing, and more. 

In short, the patient experience has never been more critical. As a patient, you have a choice when it comes to receiving care, and healthcare providers are well aware of this freedom of choice and are continuously working to improve because of it.

Areas of Emphasis

Providers will focus on several key areas to establish loyal patient relationships. These include:


You have the power to choose how you receive health and wellness benefits. Talk to a trusted RCM&D advisor today for more on healthcare consumerism and what to look for in your ideal provider.


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