Holiday Safety: Don’t Take Risks During the Season of Giving

As the Christmas season rapidly approaches and we anticipate the joy of celebrating the season with family and friends, we should remember to take extra care in our preparations for and enjoyment of the Holidays. A number of actions we participate in during the season from decorating and shopping to eating and celebrating carry inherent risk of injury, illness or material loss that can be controlled with a few common sense precautions.

I’d like to offer the following safety precautions to help make your holiday preparations and celebrations as safe and enjoyable as possible.

Shopping- “The Twelve Days of Christmas”

You carry lots of money and presents and you are not paying attention. Did I mention that this is also the criminals’ favorite holiday? Here are some things you can do to make their holiday a little less rewarding:

Decorating the Home- “Oh Christmas Tree”

Let’s see- lots of sources of ignition (candles, fireplaces, temporary heaters, electrical lights and extension cords) and plenty of combustibles have the potential for a hazardous holiday. Here are some tips to decorate safely:

Safety While Traveling- “I’ll be Home for Christmas”

Traveling during the Holidays can be a test of our nerves. The roads are crowded and many of the drivers are not frequent travelers. Add snowy, icy travel conditions and some inebriated and distracted drivers and the trip becomes a real ordeal.