July Cyber News Bytes

Each month, RCM&D’s Cyber Practice highlights key issues in the world of cybersecurity. In this month’s edition of Cyber News Bytes, we discuss topics ranging from data breach litigation to cybersecurity risks facing remote work. 

The Destruction of Privilege and Work Product Protection for Data Breach Investigations?

As a result of recent court decisions prohibiting law firm’s privilege and work product protection, BakerHostetler Data Counsel dove into the topic of attorney-client privilege in a recent article. Within this piece, they cover the basics around privilege, the challenges pertaining to data breaches and steps to protect privilege going forward in the wake of these recent decisions. The authors of this article remind us that every incident is unique, thus requiring a specific response plan. Additional background information is highlighted in a recent D&O Diary article, which also provides claims examples and considerations.

Turn On MFA Before Crooks Do It for You

Many websites and services have implemented a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) system to help users protect their information, but have you enabled this feature on your accounts? Multi-factor authentication is an identity verification method in which users are only granted access to their accounts after presenting multiple pieces of evidence to prove ownership. In one case covered by Krebs On Security, an 18-year-old’s Xbox Live account not protected by MFA was compromised by a hacker who changed the account’s linked email address and turned on MFA. With the email changed and MFA enabled, the victim was blocked from taking back their account. The hacker utilized the victim’s credit card to purchase multiple video games and other digital downloads from Microsoft. This case is just one example of why it is so critical to turn on MFA before hackers can use it against you. 

Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report

Hiscox recently released its 4th annual International Cyber Readiness Report, a survey of over 5500 professionals with Cybersecurity responsibilities. Respondents of this survey represent organizations of various sizes and sectors across eight different countries. The report provides a picture of the cyber readiness of the organizations represented and offers best practice measures to help in the fight against the ever-evolving threats in today’s cybersecurity landscape. You can read the full report here.

Cybersecurity Risks for A Returning Workforce

After months of discussing the threats facing a workforce shifting to fully remote operations, there are several new threats facing organizations making the shift back to regular operations. A recent article from AXA/XL groups these risks and concerns into four broad categories, all of which represent an area for the introduction of malware and/or sensitive data loss. These categories include:

In addition to grouping these risks, the article provides additional recommendations that can be implemented from a security standpoint as remote workers begin to return to the office. 

RCM&D is here for you to help protect your cybersecurity. Talk to a trusted advisor today with any questions on these highlighted issues and beyond. 


RCM&D is here for you to help protect your cybersecurity. Talk to a trusted advisor today with any questions on these highlighted issues and beyond.