Mitigating Fiduciary Risks for Education Through 403(b) Multiple Employer Plans (MEPs).

Earlier this year, RCM&D released the Outlook 2019: Top 10 Risks for Educational Institutions. Topping that list was the continued ERISA and fiduciary liability litigation against higher education institutions. The impact of these cases led many insurance companies to change their underwriting appetite for new fiduciary business, cap the available limits they are willing to offer and/or increase retentions on excessive fee claims based on overall risk profile.

In an effort to mitigate the risks associated with fiduciary liability litigation—many state associations for private educational institutions are looking into establishing 403(b) Multiple Employer Plans (MEPs). These programs help to cut the administrative burdens and retirement plan management responsibilities of each individual institution as well as:

Working with the Council of Independent Colleges in Virginia (CICV), RCM&D became one of the first brokers in the country to successfully structure a comprehensive fiduciary liability insurance program for an education 403(b) MEP. This program encompasses over 14 schools and $700 million in assets under management. You can learn more about RCM&D’s approach by downloading our informational material here. Some commonly asked questions we receive regarding insurance needs of the 403(b) MEPs include:

If you have any questions about your organization’s fiduciary liability coverage or about including fiduciary liability coverage for your 403(b) MEP please reach out directly to a trusted advisor from the RCM&D’s Education Practice.

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