Prepare Your Property for Winter Weather

While spring may be just around the corner, winter is still in full swing. When winter weather strikes, it is imperative to be prepared for adverse weather conditions and have a snow removal plan for your property. 

Preparing Your Property for Winter Weather

When snow and ice are in the forecast, there are several steps you can take to be prepared before the storm. These steps include:

Snow Removal

There are several snow removal methods, and becoming familiar with the steps to take when utilizing these methods is essential.

Shoveling Snow:
Operating a Snowblower:
Plowing Snow:

There are several areas to keep in mind when plowing snow.  Some companies will contract snow plowing to a third-party vendor, while others may elect to perform this activity.  


In the event of a winter storm, having a plan in place for snow removal is imperative to the safety of both your organization and your property. Talk to a trusted RCM&D advisor today for more on winter weather safety and snow removal.