Coalition Report, Brute Force Attacks, Avoiding Poor Communication: June Cyber News Bytes

Coalition Claims Report

Coalition recently released its 2023 Cyber Claims Report, highlighting the latest trends in cyber claims. An article from Advisen summarizes the report:

Implementing multi-factor authentication is a simple preventive measure against these attacks. Access Coalition’s website to download the full report.

Brute Force Attacks

A recent report by Specops Software summarized by ITBrew highlights the time it takes a hacker to brute-force a password varies depending on its strength and complexity. Factors such as the number of characters and the inclusion of numbers, upper and lower case letters, and special characters determine the difficulty. With the right software, a password can be cracked almost instantly or it may take many years. The article emphasizes the importance of using strong passwords and provides examples to illustrate how complexity can significantly increase the time it takes for a hacker to crack them.

Avoiding Poor Communication During a Breach

While the impact of cyber risks on organizations has received significant attention, the importance of effective communication in such situations has been often overlooked. Quantifying the effectiveness of communication is challenging, but it is evident from numerous incidents that communication missteps occur frequently. Considering the potential severity of these events, it is crucial for leaders to learn from past mistakes and develop robust and targeted cyber communication plans. A recent article in Security Intelligence examines this topic and offers suggestions on how affected organizations can take ownership of their message.

MOVEit Transfer Zero-Day: What To Know

The recent MOVEit vulnerability has garnered attention and is currently affecting many individuals and organizations. The vulnerability is classified as a zero-day, indicating that it was a previously unknown risk with no available mitigation solutions when it was discovered. Although solutions have been developed since then, an article by Baker Donelson provides a comprehensive explanation of zero-day vulnerabilities. It also offers valuable recommendations for third-party management and data management in light of such vulnerabilities.