Know Your (Virtual) Enemy, Schools Under Attack and New White House Guidance: March Cyber News Bytes

Understanding Your Attacker

Sometimes, the best defense from an attack is to get to know your enemy. In a recent article from ITBrew, Google Cloud Mandiant Principal Analyst Luke McNamara discussed the results of Google’s recent cyber intelligence survey. The survey found that 79% of respondents (key business and IT figures) are making cybersecurity decisions without adversary insights of their attacker. The survey also found that while 47% of those respondents are satisfied with the quality of the threat intelligence their organizations use, effectively applying that knowledge is one of their biggest challenges. “It’s one thing to create good, high-quality intelligence,” McNamara said. “It’s another thing to make sure that the right individuals within the organization have access to that.”

School Districts under Attack

Cyber-related adversity is nothing new for the education sector. Over the last three years, education has felt the brunt of a recalibrating cyber insurance market. As the marketplace once again enters a transitional phase, a recent Advisen article discusses some of the trends that are likely to impact a school’s ability to improve upon recent renewal outcomes.  Understanding these likely headwinds, it’s critically important for schools to be prepared and implement appropriate cybersecurity controls. 

White House Calls for More Regulation in Vulnerable Sectors

Earlier this month the White House released a new cybersecurity strategy focused on strengthening critical infrastructure.  In the wake of several notable incidents impacting critical infrastructure and other sectors (Colonial Pipeline, Solarwinds, etc.) the Biden Administration is looking to address the growing risk with new guidance and policies. The intent of the administration’s most recent policy document is to shape corporate behavior by working with congress to develop legislation that will hold software makers liable for inadequate securities.  We will follow these developments closely.   

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